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UI suggestions

Post by Popgun on 2015-01-07, 18:59


I just recently downloaded and played a few hours of Pokemon Uranium and after my time with it, I left the experience with a few suggestions that would make the user experience better for new players or those that may be colour blind.

Currently, the colour change for highlighted options is too subtle, (Especially in the battle menu where there may be multiple attacks with a green hue) only changing slightly to a lighter hue. With a higher contrast the selection is more obvious and eliminates any doubt as to what is being selected.

Now, the change I've demonstrated below adds both animation and high contrast to show the player what option is currently selected. The change when a menu option is selected needs to stand out more across the entire interface.

The addition of something like this can unite your interface and give it a distinct and clear visual, so the player knows exactly what option is selected.

I have really enjoyed what I have played so far and look forward to seeing more of this world.

Thank you for you time and effort on this project.

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Re: UI suggestions

Post by TemporalMaster on 2015-01-07, 19:32

Nice suggestions, dude.

I wonder if they could add Pokétch system too. scratch

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