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Post by Osaka on 2015-01-08, 11:36

Before I dive into any kind of suggetions, I'd like to talk a little about how I percived the game.
First of all, I'm generally positivly impressed with the game. I worked a lot with RPG Makers, especially XP so I know how hard it is to do some things with the Engine. In general, it turned out nice for being on RPG Maker basis. Of course, the game is rough around the edges. Some things I noticed after playing for a while are that some musictracks don't loop like they should (and thats a shame because the music is really good, but when it doesn't loop like it should, it sounds weird and destroys the enjoyment for the tune) and some battleanimations are... well... not that good (I didn't like the watergun effect for example, it just looked weird) but well, thats kinda okay. Some maps have busted collision here and there and I know that issue, RPG Maker Games can be very problematic with mapdesign. But thats more or less what I expected. What concerned me more was the battlesystem. Somehow, and it happened a lot throughout the playsession, the opponents pokemon got to move on me first, eventhough my speedstat was higher. That costed me some victories against NPC Trainers, just because for some reason they could knock me out before I could move. I see a serious problem there. It may be just a bug and I'm the only one who experienced it, but I started the game over and over, used different Pokemon and so on, but every other time the opponent just got to move first eventhough they shouldn't. I ask why? If thats a build in mechanic for some reason, I suggest working it over because battleing is somewhat the main mechanic of pokemon, so having a broken battlesystem would ruin the game, especially on a competitive level.
What I'd suggest as a feature to consider (and I know it may be a lot of work), would be a way to EV train pokemon outside of battle. I love competitive play but getting behind all the EV-Training stuff was hard (which was the reason I never bothered with competitive play till the 6. Gen) and having a better control of the groth of your pokemon would certainly be a great feature. As to how this should look? I don't know. Maybe through little minigames to boost a stat by a certain amount of points, maybe buy traininglessons or something. It would certainly help some people to get more into competitive play. Oh, and of course there should be a way to reset EVs. If you made a mistake or want to change tactics for a pokemon, it sucks if you have to grind it up all the way again, so resetting EVs is important. I think it wasn't in the games prior to Gen 6, so having the stats rearrange acording to EVs should be there too. I mean, if the EVs change but stats where raised acording to the old EVs on all the levelups before, you could change EVs but it wouldn't really make a difference, which would mean that you needed to train a pokemon from Level 1 up to 50 or 100, without blowing the EVs even once. Of course, that are just my Ideas, but I really thing it would add to the game.
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