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Post by Mercury45 2015-03-29, 22:11


All right, with 4.2 out with all its fun new features, it's also expected that there will be bugs and such to deal with, hence the new thread. Let's reiterate the FAQ Twitch posted in the last thread:

Q. Do I need any special program to run this game?
A. Nope! Uranium is not a rom hack but an original RPGmaker game, so you just need to run the installer in order to extract the game files and then click on Uranium.exe in order to play it.

Q. Does it work on Mac?
A. It's made using RPGMaker XP, which is not intended for Mac use. We have a Mac version, but it is very unstable at the moment so we aren't releasing it until it's ready. Here is a guide to getting it to work using Wine.

Q. What are the controls?
A. Arrow keys to move, C to confirm/interact, X to exit, cancel a choice, and open the menu, Z to run, F5 to use a registered item,  F12 to restart the game client (you can see all of this in-game by choosing “controls” in the intro lecture.) Additionally, pressing F1 at any time will opens a menu that lets you mute the BGM and customize the controls to fit your liking.

Q. Do I have to start my adventure over when I download the new version?
A. No, the new version of the game will automatically load your old save file (found in C:/User/Saved Games/Uranium.rxdata). If it doesn’t detect your old save or if it crashes the game, you can send the file to us at pokemon.uranium@gmail.com and we’ll manually upgrade it for you. (Be aware that, due to a large backlog of emails, it may take us some time to fix your save.

Q. Clicking on Uranium.exe doesn’t do anything! [on Windows 7/8]
This is a very common bug, and we're not sure what causes it but it probably has to do with the runtime packages on RPGmakerXP. We're working on a solution. If anyone knows what's going on, shoot me (Twitch) a PM.

Q. After launching the game, it immediately stops responding and says "RGSS Player Has Stopped Responding" [Windows 8/8.1]
A. Instructions to fix this can be found here.

Q. I downloaded the game but Uranium.exe wasn't in the folder after I installed it!
A. This has to do with some Antivirus software flagging the game (since it comes from an unrecognized developer). Label the folder as an exception to your antivirus and re-install.

Q. I encountered a bug and now I’m trapped!
A. Pokemon Uranium is still in beta, so some bugs are to be expected. Make sure to save early and save often. First, make sure that you are playing the latest version (v.4.2.x). Check the topics in this forum to see if anyone has reported the same issue. If not, make a topic describing your issue and be as specific as you can. We will try to come out with a patch update as quickly as possible.

As for the buglist - first of all, all the bugs from 4.0 should have been fixed, so you guys don't need to worry about them anymore! Here's what we do know so far in 4.2:

4.2.4 Known Bugs

  • Using the Fishing Rod from the Bag when still having empty slots in your Party causes the game to crash. To avoid this, register the Rod to F5.
  • Cancelling after selecting a Pokemon or Category in Super Training results in a crash.
  • The game will crash when saving for the first time if there is no Internet connection.
  • Exiting the house with Trawpint on Nuclear Plant 01 causes the player to become stuck. Defeat or capture Trawpint to exit the building normally.
  • It's possible to become trapped in Venesi City if you Surf underneath a bridge and then jump off, you will become stuck in a wall.
  • Sometimes, changing your Virtual Trainer sprite can cause the game to crash when a battle eyecatch plays (for example, versus a Gym Leader). To fix it, re-make your VT.
  • Choosing the "Cancel" option while holding a Pokemon in the PC will delete that Pokemon. To get around this, press X to go back instead of choosing Cancel.
  • Sometimes the text in a battle will randomly become very tiny and unreadable -- this goes away after the battle ends.

Other things you should know

  • Make sure to keep the game window focused while issuing a Battle challenge or it will become interrupted.

As before, feel free to post unanswered questions and unreported bugs in the forum. Hope you guys enjoy all the stuff 4.2 brings to the table, Team Uranium is really proud of it!

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