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Sovest's Pokemon Tabletop Campaign! [PTU v1.05]

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Sovest's Pokemon Tabletop Campaign! [PTU v1.05] Empty Sovest's Pokemon Tabletop Campaign! [PTU v1.05]

Post by sovest555 2015-06-06, 13:16

Hello and welcome to my own RP thread! Unlike the main textual roleplaying threads many will probably post on this forum, I decided to take things a little different...running a play-by-post tabletop campaign!

The system will be the Pokemon Tabletop United System. x

And for reference, the character sheet we will be using for the players will be here: x

Some things to keep in mind while creating your character:

  • Trainers start at Level 1, Starters at Level 10. (90 XP)

  • The only specification for your starter is: 1) It is not a legendary or pseudolegendary, and 2) It starts with the Underdog tag.

  • Egg Moves are fine, but just keep in mind that you can only have a maximum of three non-level up moves per pokemon. (If a pokemon learns a move not by level-up, but that is on its level-up list or is marked with an N, it is exempt from this rule.)

  • If you want the GM to personally walk you through character creation, please PM him to schedule an appointment.

  • Due to this following Tabletop protocol, we will be capping the player count at 5 people. Once the cap is hit, the thread will be marked as closed and no more applicants will be accepted. (Also note that priority will not be what gets you in. Quality is.) Also, if you have any questions, please send them via PM as to not clog up the thread.

Please PM me the following OOC as your application -

Character Name:
Player Name:
Skype (optional):
Link to Character Sheet (make it so I can edit it as well):

Players so far:

1 - Mercury [Trainer: Simon; Starter: Riolu]
2 - Twitch [Trainer: Pluto; Starter: Spritzee]
3 -
4 -
5 -

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Sovest's Pokemon Tabletop Campaign! [PTU v1.05] Empty Re: Sovest's Pokemon Tabletop Campaign! [PTU v1.05]

Post by CrazyDragon 2015-06-07, 13:27

I'm confused. This sounds interesting but I don't quite understand. And does Gible count as a pseudo-legendary?

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