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Post by TrixTrox on 2015-04-04, 03:19

I have been playing on my save file 2 for a while and so i decided to just delete save file 1. It then showed me no save file in the main menu and when i went to "other save files" it just said you have no other save files.

I started a new game and tried again. It proceeded as normally allowing me to get to my second save. So it seems it doesn't delete both files but it wont let you access any other save files if there is nothing in slot 1.


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Other Save Files Empty Re: Other Save Files

Post by Involuntary Twitch on 2015-04-04, 13:50

Rename your old save file to Uranium.rxdata instead of Uranium_2.rxdata and it should move to slot 1. You can find your save file in C:/User/Your Name/Saved Games/Pokemon Uranium.

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