Can't save

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Can't save

Post by MacRatMan on 2015-04-16, 12:23

This is my error:

Exception: NameError
Message: uninitialized constant Errno::ETIMEOUT
Sockets:460:in `gets'
Sockets:590:in `pbHttpRequest'
Sockets:562:in `pbPostData'
** GTS_System:1369:in `execute'
** GTS_System:1470:in `deletePokemon'
** GTS_System:1616:in `pbSave'
* PokemonSave:175:in `pbSaveScreen'
** PokemonCustomMenu:255:in `update'
** PokemonCustomMenu:174:in `pbScene'
** PokemonCustomMenu:170:in `loop'

I tried everything. I disabled all my anti-virus programs, remade the ''Saved Games'' file but somehow it just won't make savefiles and everytime I try to save it just crashed.

I looked this game up and I think I would have a blast playing it so help would be much appreciated!

Kind regards,



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