Pokemon Uranium Lets Play - Episode 6,7 and 8

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Pokemon Uranium Lets Play - Episode 6,7 and 8 Empty Pokemon Uranium Lets Play - Episode 6,7 and 8

Post by CastCapo on 2015-02-12, 12:48

Here is some more of my Pokemon Uranium lets play enjoy Pokemon Uranium fans

Pokemon Uranium - Ep 6 - GYM Leader

Frank starts to battle the first gym leader he manages to win but because he wins Theo wants to battle Frank to be sure that his Pokemon are better then Franks but who wins in this battle?

Pokemon Uranium - Ep 7 - Pickin On Theo

Frank just beats Theo in the first battle but Theo tells Frank that Professor Bamb'o needs see him. Frank and his Pokemon head back to see the Professor but will we catch anything new?

Pokemon Uranium - Ep 8 - Back To Moik Town

Frank heads back to his home town to see the professor but does he reach the town with a set backs.

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