Any tips on my team?

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Any tips on my team?

Post by HenryT on 2015-06-02, 10:30

Baaschaf is holding an Amulet Coin
Archilles (Fireball) is holding Archillestite
Tricwe (Queenie) is holding Lucky Egg
S51 (a shiny) is holding Exp. Share

Current plan is to get Tricwe to evolve into Seikamater and leveling (possibly evolving) S51 before taking on Ninja Boss Hokage.

Never gotten past Tubareel with him, closest loss was when it was his last Pokemon and at quarter health. Any tips on building my team for the future?


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Re: Any tips on my team?

Post by Kin182 on 2015-06-02, 10:39

In my opinion u should have rematches with the traines that u can see in your phone, start off with S-51 then switch, it can give u a good boost of levels and also go to legen town and train your EV.
PS: I think you should swithc your brainoar cause S-51 is psychic, i advice u getting a syrentide cause its a dual water fairy type and it can help u defeat dark and fighting types without losing your baariete

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