Invalid entry in neoncube.ini: "executable" (file not found)

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Invalid entry in neoncube.ini: "executable" (file not found)

Post by Goldeluxe on 2015-04-16, 04:27

Good tidings to you all, I'm a new member of this place and I have a problem that can't seem to be solved. 

I couldn't find a way to fix this. Every time I open the Patcher.exe of the game, it shows the message "Invalid entry in neoncube.ini: "executable" (file not found)". I've been wanting to play this game ever since Munching Orange started his playthrough. Please help me through this problem. Thanks you~

My problem seems to be quite vague, I'll try to explain further. The post of Involuntary Twitch with the title of Uranium 4.2 New Beta Release! shows that there is a patcher.exe file and under that patcher.exe file is the exe file Uranium. After I downloaded the game, the file Uranium isn't there. Is it supposed to be missing? If it's missing, it's another problem but the main problem I have is that whenever I open the patcher.exe file, it shows an error message.

PS, I don't know how to put images in so I explained it manually.

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