Japanese Affiliate Blog. Here is not allowed.

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Japanese Affiliate Blog. Here is not allowed.

Post by pichuumac on 2015-01-22, 01:46

This game was introduced in an article of Japanese Affiliate Blog.
Here is not allowed. No

Bad opinion comment
15「As I thought Gamefreak was design so good.」
17「Interesting. Design is mother f***.」
39「s*** design.」 monkey
60「Low quality.」
79「Pokemon?? No no Fakemon!!」
102「Please sued in Gamefreak.」
224「Bad design.」
276「Have there are a few Town.」

Soso opinion comment
166「Uranium lol!

Good opinion comment
44「Theme is avant-garde the Uranium.」
178「Be Them hire in Gamefreak!!」
181「great quality!! blog comment is so bad.」


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Re: Japanese Affiliate Blog. Here is not allowed.

Post by Involuntary Twitch on 2015-01-22, 18:16

Eh well it is the internet after all, people think they can just say whatever they want without consequence, particularly because this is an English language game. Glad some people like it though. Since this game is free, if people don't like the designs they don't have to play it.

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