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Revamp of Training Dojo Empty Revamp of Training Dojo

Post by Polaris on 2015-05-27, 16:44

I really appreciate the Training Dojo (it's nice not having to spend 400k on stat boosters for each Pokemon). However, it doesn't make much sense to increase every stat with a punching bag. There should be different activities for each stat (even if they're all just timing-based, I think they should look different). I have some ideas for different training types to raise the different stats:

  • HP: Endurance training, maybe taking steps against a gale-force wind.
  • Attack: The punching bag works fine here.
  • Defense: Either hitting a blocking dummy (like in American football practice) or stopping a moving object like a pendulum.
  • Special Attack: Blasting targets from a distance.
  • Special Defense: Breaking an energy beam or field.
  • Speed: Dodging between a pair of swinging pendulums (could switch positions between front and back sprites - near and far - on successful dodges, but stay on the same side if it gets 2 stars or less)

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