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Pokemon ability bugs Empty Pokemon ability bugs

Post by Polaris on 2015-05-27, 16:13

There are three abilities I have found that haven't worked like they should.
The first is Masking/Dramsama's Impostor ability. It works properly, but the AI doesn't recognize it. No matter what it's disguised as, it always immediately uses attacks that will be strong against its Psychic/Ghost type. While the ability is fun and awesome, it stinks that it doesn't actually do anything when facing trainers in-game.

To balance this ability, I would suggest that the AI should treat it as if it were the imposter Pokemon until either a) a move lands and has a different type effectiveness than it should or b) Dramsama uses a move not in the imposter Pokemon's learnset. Once one of these conditions is fulfilled, the AI should "realize" it's actually Masking/Dramsama.

The last two have to do with Nucleon. The attack Conversion 2 doesn't seem to work at all, which is unfortunate. The other issue is with Nucleon's Atomize ability. Atomize normally works fine, changing Normal-type moves to Nuclear type for super effective hits. However, against Ghost types the Ghost-Normal immunity activates and the attacks don't work at all.

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