Arc's Perler Bead Sprite Art!

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Arc's Perler Bead Sprite Art!

Post by xArc_Knightx on 2015-05-22, 17:52

Hey there Everyone!
I've taken a break form from doing the Let's play so I can start a new hobby.
Perler Beads!
For those of you who don't know what they are, perler beads are those little plastic beads that when put together on a peg grid you can form various patterns and iron them together.
Most commonly seen for making Sprite Art.
So I've gotten myself some and started making some myself!
These might seem familiar to you.
YUP! Uraniumon!
My First one is Orchynx, my favorite of the starters!
And the second one I made is special.
This one is for you Twitch...
These take around 1 hour to complete, but it's worth it!
I'll be taking requests for these soon. But It needs to be fairly simple right now.
If you want to see a Pokemon sprite or something else perler beaded, post it hear and i Might get around to doing it in my free time!
Hope you guys Enjoy there! There'll be more in time.

My Team!
JaraLeviasDrilolasor BelzebKrill BillBig Chill

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Re: Arc's Perler Bead Sprite Art!

Post by CrazyDragon on 2015-05-22, 18:55

The other day I visited a friend who had some. I made my first one ever with a very simple Pokeball design (I'm now using it as a coaster). Do you think you could do Giratina? Or if you want something simpler, could you try Sirentide (I looked through all the ones I like and it has the simplest icon).

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