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    2015-06-02, 12:46
    Message by emomilol - Bug Still Exists
    Nuclear Plant bug is still not fixed just a heads up
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    2015-05-26, 12:38
    Message by soulet303 - Corsola Evolution
    Hi, I'm just trying to evolve my Corsola and I need some help. It's currently at level 46 and it doesn't seem to want to evolve.

    Thank you,

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    2015-05-13, 17:15
    Message by tempestchaser - control set up
    I know this is probably the wrong spot, but here it goes.
    I just started this wonderful game but I am having problem with the control format.
    Is there any way to make it similar to the GBA ROM set up (z=a, x=b, enter=start, etc...)?

    thanks for your time,
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    2015-05-10, 04:39
    Message by BJGpower - new mon
    how about a carbon pokemon? since carbon is used in nuc powerplants.
    you probalbly get allot of ideas send to you so i wont be mad if you ignore this one
  5. Wylde
    2015-05-03, 16:55
    Message by Wylde - Mega Trawpint
    Oh! I'm glad you like it! Very Happy
  6. Wylde
    2015-04-27, 16:28
    Message by Wylde - About the Wiki

    I noticed the Wiki has a lot of inaccuracies, but I'm sure you know already. Razz

    I've been making an effort to update the wiki, in terms of stats and movepools at least, to match the raw data provided in the Raw Dex Data.

    Just wanted to give you a heads up on why there are changes going on on the wiki as of recent.
  7. Dragonborne Fox
    2015-02-24, 14:24
    Message by Dragonborne Fox - Question
    Hey, when is the ETA of the Beta 5.0? I'd like to know. Smile
  8. Dedenne1
    2014-12-22, 23:35
    Message by Dedenne1 - Beta
    When i click the download link it brings me to adfly instead of mediafire my antivirus absolutely refuses to allow me to use adfly or download anything from it do u still have the mediafire download link? If not its ok as long as i can download 4 when it officially comes out :/
  9. xArc_Knightx
    2014-04-09, 23:15
    Message by xArc_Knightx - Hey
    I'm back online! come join us in chatbox pls!
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