Possible Script Rewrite for Nuclear 1 Event?

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Possible Script Rewrite for Nuclear 1 Event?

Post by Pick on 2015-04-22, 21:08

Sorry for the TL:DR, it's an old habit of mine D:

I actually did the Nuclear Plant 1 mini-event a while ago so my memory is a bit fuzzy on what what actually said, but when meeting Theo's dad, Cameron, he spoke like he was meeting me for the first time - even though we hail from the same town and we did also talk in the starter town (a meeting which he gave me the PokePod).
It was also a bit off-putting that he went from not-recognizing you, to reintroducing himself, to suddenly knowing your family history (specifically that Lucille is our mother and you're her son - presumably on a quest to find out what happened yourself*).

It may just be myself being nitpicky, but I think a rewrite will help the event tie in the mini-event with the main story's plot a bit more seamlessly.

Overall though, it's a great game with a great diversity of characters nonetheless. :D

*Footnote about Cameron thinking we're on a quest to find out more about what happened to our mother.
I was a bit taken aback by this as it seemed to come from nowhere.... If memory serves correct, I think Cameron worded it in such a way as to say that was the only reason we came to the island (which is a leap from the guy on the dock saying "Oh you can visit if you want!" to Cameron "You're looking for clues as to your mother's disappearance."

Again, it's just nitpicking, but if Cameron can more question our act of coming to the island saying "Oh funny running into you here. Did you come seeking clues as to what happened to your mom?" or "Hmm, are you here looking for traces of Lucille?"

Personally I would like it more if our purposes for coming to the plant were questioned or implied, rather than outright said.

Otherwise 10/10 would read again! :D

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Re: Possible Script Rewrite for Nuclear 1 Event?

Post by Involuntary Twitch on 2015-04-23, 00:18

You know, you picked up on something I've been meaning to do, which it to rewrite that event to make it more in-line with my plans for the greater game story, and also to make it non-optional. Far too many players are skipping it by when it's currently only one of two places that the player can battle Nuclear Pokemon. (That will change, too, of course.)

One of the things that will change is that Theo will come with you to the island -- but Cam doesn't let him explore for the sake of his safety. But since you have personal business on the island, Cam lets you explore. I'm also going to expand on the abandoned power plant area because right now it's just one room, I really think that there could be a lot more potential for spooky stuff and foreshadowing.

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