[Bug] Reduced performance in 4.2

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[Bug] Reduced performance in 4.2

Post by Daikataro on 2015-04-20, 12:25

Greetings everyone, I jumped aboard the Pokemon Uranium ship in 4.0 and loved it, but stopped for a while due to a lot of stuff going on, so when I saw a 4.2 I jumped in again.

Either way, one of the features of 4.2 is supposed to be a huge boost to performance, but in my case, it's actually performing worse than 4.0; battles take longer to load and have choppier frames, and every now and then when switching menus, game will become unresponsive for a while, something I actually saw LESS of in 4.0

Here's my specs hoping it can help:

Win7 Ultimate x64 SP1
Core i3 2370M processor
NVidia GT630M dedicated graphics card
Intel HD3000 onboard graphics card

Any idea why I'm getting a reduced performance?


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Re: [Bug] Reduced performance in 4.2

Post by Bocajian on 2015-04-20, 12:35

There are a number of lag issues that have been reported with this release. Here is a recent one that Twitch responded to. Hope it helps a bit. http://pokemonuranium.forumeiro.com/t948-lag-issues-wherever-i-go

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