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Post by Involuntary Twitch on 2014-12-24, 18:09

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PC Download: [Link 1] | [Link 2] | [Link 3]

We on the Uranium Team have worked very hard to bring you this game, and we hope you enjoy it! We have tried our best to create a fun, original experience that is enjoyable to fans of Pokémon young and old. If you like exploring new regions, discovering all-new kinds of Pokémon or solving challenging puzzles and difficult battles, this is the game for you! Best of all, it’s 100% FREE!

This game is designed to run on Windows. It is not a ROM hack, so no emulator is needed. Simply download and run the installer in order to play!

I'd like to extend a personal thank-you to everyone on these forums that helped us beta test. We depended on your feedback in order to make this game better than ever before!

Some forum reorganizing will take place in the wake of 4.0's release, so be aware of some categorical shuffling and new sections opening up in order to more easily discuss, trade, and battle. More on that soon!

Thank you so much, and we sincerely hope you enjoy!

~Twitch and JV

Creative Director of Pokémon Uranium | Check out my blog!
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