Fishing Rod Crash and Patch Troubles

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Fishing Rod Crash and Patch Troubles

Post by Mr. Pringles on 2015-04-17, 19:56

I am having troubles with the fishing rod, when I use the Good Rod I get in Vinoville Harbor it crashes after I've caught a Pokemon I was wondering if there was a way to fix this. One of the suggestions on here is to register the Rod to F5 but it doesn't work I would really love to have a Glavinug or a Syrentide on my team and I can't do that without the rod pls help!

Also when I run the Patcher to install it says Fail to get/Patches/patchlist.html with the message saying navigation to webpage failed I press the button to refresh the page then it says "The Proxy server is not responding." I click fix connection then it says "Remote device or resource won't accept the connection." I was wondering if someone could help me fix this

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