Share Your Secret Bases!

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Share Your Secret Bases! Empty Share Your Secret Bases!

Post by xArc_Knightx on 2014-11-25, 18:36

Hey there Everyone! This thread is For everyone to Share there Secret bases they've Made in Omega Ruby and alpha Sapphire.
To Share your Base. You'll need to Generate a QR Code for it in your Secret Base. Have it Saved to your SD card. then you can Upload it here using the Host an Image Option in the Reply box. I may even Make a secret Base of the Month showcase Thread if this Gets Popular enough. (Prizes might be Involved too!)
So Don't Be Shy, Invite Us All to Hang in your little Hoenn Hidey Hole!

My Team!
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Share Your Secret Bases! LvXfOCY


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Share Your Secret Bases! Empty Re: Share Your Secret Bases!

Post by Involuntary Twitch on 2014-11-27, 09:38

Oh man, I like this idea a lot! Very Happy

I just found an awesome new place for mine -- it's very tucked away and requires Dive to access, but it's got an awesome layout to it. I'm still working on fine-tuning it in order to make sure it's perfect, but when it is, I'll definitely post it!

Secret bases are my favorite ORAS feature :3

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