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Post by JubaTheHutt on 2015-04-12, 03:20

I got the game and I really enjoyed it. But then bad things start to happen Mad

Everything ran smooth for some time until I got past the fourth gym. I get into Legen city from a Staraptor and am immediately sent into the Ranger's bunker. After the minor cutscenes, I exit the building and decide to explore Legen City before I do the event with the rangers.

I go to a building where a guy will do some special E.V. training with my pokemon, and I pay for H.P. training and decide to go back. But when I press 'X' / cancel the game crashes, leaving me back to my last save state.

I play the game again back to the fourth gym, and before the event with Theo I decide to take a visit to route 8, and stumble upon an event that isn't supposed to happen yet. The game doesn't crash to my surprise, and I get into Legen city. I try to go back to Vinoville but can't because the gaurds keep me from doing so. I explore around Legen city again and enter the tinkerers house, but a ranger's chat box pops up from the event with Theo I was supposed to do and then the game crashes. What sucks is that I saved before I talked to Kellyn, because I was unsure if this was a sidequest or not. Now I am stuck, and my game is basically unplayable.

I was wondering if it is possible to go back on each save file, if not what can I do? I don't want to waste 7 hours to get to that spot again. Crying or Very sad


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Post by Involuntary Twitch on 2015-04-12, 16:36

Uh... well, that's a particularly unfortunate and hard-to-replicate bug you've got. You can send your save file to us via e-mail (follow the instructions in the readme.txt) and we'll unstick you.

As it is, you shouldn't be able to access Route 11 and Legen Town before the event, so we'll have to fix that for later versions.

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