Just wanted to take some time to say...

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Just wanted to take some time to say...

Post by sovest555 on 2015-04-10, 16:49

To JV and Involuntary Twitch (as well as all other admins),

I appreciate the time and effort you all put into this game, and how helpful you all are on both the forum and wiki (as well as Tumblr, even if you all may need some more people manning that station), which really shows how much of a project of passion this is for each of you.

Therefore, it troubles me when there are posts from people who take you all for granted and feel entitled to being nasty and impatient. (And this is coming from someone who is somewhat impatient by nature...) Thankfully, those aren't the majority, but I still feel that I need to state this nonetheless.

Keep up the good work, and here's to Beta 5.0 bringing everything to fruition! (I might even consider putting a Yatagaryu on my team once I am able, seeing as I have high hopes that it will fulfill the slot that Terlard is currently occupying.)



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Re: Just wanted to take some time to say...

Post by Chebandor on 2015-04-10, 19:28

Can I join? This game is a master piece, just like this, in beta version... The developers are just CRACKS, something else... Congratulations to every people that made possible this game, keep up the good work! Very Happy

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