7th Gym Bugged

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7th Gym Bugged

Post by oppp7 on 2015-04-02, 22:49

I read that there was a bug with Theo blocking the gym entirely if you lost at any point but I don't know if I've run into that (since I'm playing on 4.1). I lost to the gym leader himself and when I went for a rematch there was the Theo from the first try blocking him (in addition to the one following me). When I get close enough my character starts walking forward but stops because Theo's blocking the way. I can't do anything else and have to restart the game.

Also, I think there's another glitch where you lose the ability to run if you lose to the 5th trial guy. Luckily I got it back after beating him.

Edit: 4.2 fixed it. Thank you!

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