Articles about Pokémon Uranium

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Articles about Pokémon Uranium

Post by Involuntary Twitch on 2015-03-29, 13:01

This topic is for keeping track of articles that have been published in various news sites and blogs about Uranium! Some are pretty good and accurate, while others are... well...

Fans Have Spent Six Years Making A Pokémon Game That Feels Fresh - Kotaku

The article that started it all. I remember saying to JV that all I wanted to see from this beta launch was an article written about us in Kotaku or similar. This is probably how many of you discovered the game, and it's pretty accurate, too; the author really did her homework with this one.

Pokémon Uranium es un proyecto fan con seis años de desarrollo a sus espaldas que ya puedes probar - Alfa Beta Juega

This article may be in Spanish, but it's actually a good summary of what's in Beta 4.0, and includes an accurate description of Nuclear-types. It was published just a few days after Beta 4.0 was released.

Pokémon Uranium: Unofficial Fan-Made Game Features Radioactive Monsters - MCM Buzz

So yeah there are... a lot of these... yep.

If you discover an article about Pokemon Uranium, you're welcome to share it here!

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