Virtual Trainer Battle Arena Thread

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Virtual Trainer Battle Arena Thread Empty Virtual Trainer Battle Arena Thread

Post by tadoke on 2015-02-15, 20:14

Hi Uranium Community!
If you like you can use this thread to keep the "Battle & Trade" forum organized.
Please feel free to post:

  • Your Virtual Trainer Info (Online ID # and Trainer Name)
  • Victory Screenshots (Pressing F8 to autosave a screencap into your save data folder*)
  • Strategy discussions

Remember to have fun!  Very Happy

For those who are feeling brave enough  Laughing  Wink
Trainer Name: Tadoke
Online ID: 018094

* For Windows Users the filepath should be /(username)/Saved Games/Pokemon Uranium. Or try Searching "Uranium.rxdata" to locate the folder F8 screencaps are saved in.

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