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Playstation 3 controller emulator for PC, Motion Empty Playstation 3 controller emulator for PC, Motion

Post by tadoke on 2015-01-24, 23:06

In case if there's anyone else out there using a PS3 controller for PC, using motioninjoy and/or Better DS3 Tool, you can ask me here for advice/input.

I believe I've clocked over 10 hours troubleshooting that crap malware and experienced I believe every issue it could bring:
*Blue screen of death 100% on restart, and RANDOMLY on sleep mode
*motioninjoy Drivers conflicting and overwriting with Bluetooth drivers
*motioninjoy install errors
*motioninjoy software update issues
*motioninjoy flagged by all anti virus, 'cept Microsoft's (should I be surprised?)
*motioninjoy leaving corrupted registry keys after uninstall
*motioninjoy issues when denied access to network
*Better DS3 not detecting controller
*Better DS3 corrupting custom profiles
*Better DS3 not reconzing motioninjoy drivers

Here I'll list any tutorials that I came across, that were actually helpful.

Not to sound like an angry anus filled with hedgehogs, for anyone who says, "Why don't you use an XBOX controller", I reply with Mad  Evil or Very Mad

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