Red/Blue Ver Pokémon figures

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Red/Blue Ver Pokémon figures Empty Red/Blue Ver Pokémon figures

Post by tadoke on 2015-01-16, 22:24

Hi everyone, I made these figures a long time ago. I made over a hundred of these to attempt to fulfill my own R/L pokédex. Here are a few on my desk
*caterpie(showing age, missing horn)
Red/Blue Ver Pokémon figures Upload10
With exception of venonat and Electrode, all are made of Super Sculpey polymer clay. Venonat is a craft pom pom with Crayola Model Magic and Electrode is all M.M.

S.S. clay has glow in dark colors, so I have a few glowy pokemon.
And yes, because of this game I WILL have to make some Nuclear pokémon emitting their radioactive energies Smile
(sorry for pic quality)
Red/Blue Ver Pokémon figures Upload12

I hope you ppl enjoy, later days

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