Would Like to Contribute Art :D

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Would Like to Contribute Art :D Empty Would Like to Contribute Art :D

Post by Lefty Jones on 2015-01-08, 22:17

So I'm brand new to these forums and really to the Uranium community. I'm proud to say that I'm actually doing a nuzlocke of the 4.0 beta on YouTube. Smile

I'm a huge fan so far of pretty much everything in the game but I noticed that the Wikipedia entries for a lot of the pokemon have understandably yet to get updated images other than their in-game sprites. I would very much so like to possibly help with this if at all possible!

Sorry if this is in the wrong spot, I just figured this would be the place to go to get noticed by someone who may have an answer. I can provide my email if a portfolio of some kind is required. Smile

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Would Like to Contribute Art :D Empty Re: Would Like to Contribute Art :D

Post by Involuntary Twitch on 2015-01-08, 22:34

I draw all the official art, but if you would like to draw some fanart and upload it to the wiki, we love that! I'd just rather you didn't use it as the "main" image on the wiki. You can put it underneath the infobox and even provide a link to your art gallery (on deviantArt, Tumblr, or whatever), that's totally fine! Also please share any art you make here, I'm positive that the other users would love to see it Smile

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