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Post by Kraken Hunter on 2015-01-04, 20:31

Something I think would be diffrent and would deffinatly attract more people is 2 Evolution tree's, what i mean by this is say when your starter evolves you have a choose between 2 different evolutions, say my starter is raptorch, the 2 different evolution paths i can take is one path is Special attack focused and the other is Attack focused, and the sprite for each one is diffrent for instance the attack sprite might show some more physical features while the special attack sprite might show some more physic features. Obviously it can be changed up how ever you guys think but personally i feel like this gives the trainer more customization and gives the trainer more of the team they wont instead of being stuck with a pokemon they think is just cool. If this idea does get through i dont expect it to be on every single pokemon in the game but to have a wide variety off it would be amazing.

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