Bad drawer wants to bring in Fakemon :D

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Bad drawer wants to bring in Fakemon :D

Post by Finno Sheep on 2015-01-03, 15:26

I just found Pixel Art for me and now I want to share my idea for this Fakemon with you.

I call it Tapield because it's a mix out of a tapir and a shield. Therefore it could be Normal and/or Fight type.
I also thought about an evolution, maybe called Elsword (Elephant & Sword) but I didn't draw anything yet because it's really hard. Neutral
Please contact me if you want to see my bad drawing. As I'm a new member, I'm not yet able to share the link with you here.

What do you think about it?
Tell me, if you need names or ideas for lookings of fakemon with given types. My brain is full of fantasy and I'd really like to help you!

Stay awesome Wink
Finno Sheep
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