[SPOILER] Labyrinth's cave map (Maskara Island)

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[SPOILER] Labyrinth's cave map (Maskara Island)

Post by Wazz on 2014-12-30, 10:05

Hello everyone!

I just a lost a few minutes to create a map of the Labyrinth's cave at Maskara Island. I thought it would be a big labyrinth but it looks like it was nothing that big xD

I created it to some friends of mine but since many people can get confuse I'll share it with my Uranium comrades!
Here it goes :
Labyrinth Cave:

I'm sorry but the img gets cut on the right side I can't change it. You can always click on the img and it will open a new tab Smile

Enjoy it !
Hope you can understand it jocolor

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Re: [SPOILER] Labyrinth's cave map (Maskara Island)

Post by Stuiterbal on 2014-12-30, 10:09

nice job,, looks great!

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