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My suggestion

Post by Taglia on 2014-12-30, 07:02

I have played this game 10 hours and I really like it, you did a great job, congratulations!

I gathered some suggestions while playing:

  - Let the player explore everything before changing the scenario, I was so sad to miss some parts of this great game! For example, the whole ship or the nuclear plant.

  - Let the player heal his pokémon before a great fight, because losing the battle against Terlard or the Gym Leader in Venice is so easy if you are not full HP; I just tryharded like a fool with all of my pokémon knowledge to beat her.  rabbit
By the way it is not something linked to difficulty, but it is something about being stuck:
If someone save in front of Rosalind and he can't beat her mathematically because his team is wounded, he will be stuck there for ever! Same against Seikamater

  - Increase the brightness when it is evening in Amatree town, I had to turn my monitor's brightness at 100 to see something  lol!

  - Adjust loop music and change someones: I know I am too critic but the same music everytime annoy me a little

  - Decrease the chance to find a wild pokémon on the beach before Bealbeach city, I know again it might be something irrelevant but I got really bored in that scenario (I used my repels in cave)

  - Chyinmunk should be the HM slave. Now it is not neccessary but when the HMs will be more you can't waste your best pokémon moves.

  - Flash should be buyable or an HM, if you forgot your pokémon with flash you're in trouble.

  - Real pokémon character in story: I remember that when I was a kid I went crazy to see Oak, Lance, Red and Green. If it is possible to put someone who we know well, it would be great!

  - Improve the fishing, it's too hard XD

  - Adjust the XP gaining and the XP share, some values are too high.

  - Let the trainer know that in the first pokémon pension there is a nurse: I went crazy in that point because I didn't know that XD

- Speed up the text, like everyone is saying

- Put the number of opponent's pokémon remaining while changing like the original version, if it is possible
I will update this constantly, thank you for the attention!
I would be so glad to help you.


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