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Beta 4.2 Walkthrough [SPOILER FREE] Empty Beta 4.2 Walkthrough [SPOILER FREE]

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Here is a very basic walkthrough to help you find out where to go in Pokemon Uranium if you are stuck.

Beginning - Gym #3
Watch the introduction lecture and cutscene, then go down the stairs and talk to Auntie. Exit the house and go to the Lab in the northwest. Take the trainer test and get your starter from Professor Bamb'o. Afterwards, go to Theo's house, then enter the tall grass, battle a Pokemon and get the Pokedex from Professor Bamb'o. Head West to Route 01.

Head through Route 01 to Kevlar Town, Passage Cave and Nowtoch City. The Gym Leader is not there, so you will have to find her in her house to the southeast of town. After getting the badge, battle Theo near the entrance to town and get HM06 Rock Smash. From there, head back through Passage Cave and Kevlar Town. Make sure to grab the Old Rod from the house on Route 01 after you have Badge #1. When you return to Moki, talk to Professor Bamb'o and then head east, smashing the boulder to gain access to Route 03.

Head through Route 03 to Burole Town. There are some optional trainers that you can battle in the cave behind the schoolhouse there; otherwise, enter the Gym inside the cave to the northwest. Break rocks in the cave until you find a Bright Gem, then challenge the Gym Leader. Once you get the badge there, head east to Route 04. Make sure to get the Bike Wheel from the bicycle on the beach; you can give it to the mechanic in Kevlar Town to get a Bicycle.

Talk to Theo and enter Comet Cave. Go through the cave until you encounter a Pokemon at the end; capture or defeat it and exit the cave. From there you will enter Route 05; head West to Rochfale Town. There is an optional sidequest here; to start it, go to the Lab and then to the cave on Route 06. Otherwise, head through Route 06 and Rochfale Hole to reach Route 07. Battle Theo on the bridge in the middle of the route; there is another optional sidequest here that can be done by talking to the Sailor on the dock to go to the Nuclear Power Plant. Head south and enter the power plant. Battle or capture the Pokemon that appears and you will be taken back to Route 07. From there, you can head north to Bealbeach.

In Bealbeach City you can challenge Gym #3 which is very straightforward. Simply navigate the rooms until you reach the leader. After obtaining the badge, exit Bealbeach City and a cutscene will play.

Gym #4 - Gym #5

After the cutscene, head West on Route 07 towards the lake. Talk to the attendant and board the Cruise Ship. Theo is in the leftmost cabin; battle him and the ship will make land at Route 08. Head through Route 08, making sure to get the Good Rod from the fisherman by the pond. There is an optional sidequest in Route 09 to the south that can only be done between the hours of 6pm and 6am. Solve the puzzle and defeat the Pokemon that appears (you cannot capture it) and you will be sent back to Route 09. Otherwise, head West to Vinoville town.

In Vinoville, Gym #4 is to the northwest. Go there and challenge the Gym Leader. Once you have obtained his Badge, talk to Theo by the Pokemon Center to trigger a cutscene and cinematic, after which you will be taken to Legen Town. Watch the cutscene, then head to the route building in the Northeast. You will have several scripted battles, and after completing them Kellyn will give you HM06 Strength. After getting the HM, take the Subway to Burole Town.

(There are also 2 optional sidequests which can be done now that you have Strength; one in Kevlar Town and one in the cave on Route 05.)

In Burole, head east to Route 04 again, then move the Strength boulder to enter Baykal Rainforest. (Make sure to stock up on Poke Balls and supplies before you leave, since the next town doesn't have a Mart or a PC.) Once in Baykal, enter the cave to the north. Navigate through the cave and forest until you reach Amatree Town. The Gym Leader is not there, so get the Bug Spray from the NPC and head back into the Anthell. Interact with the swarming bug Pokemon to get them to move, and then fall down the hole into Deeper Anthell. Navigate the cave until you get to the Innermost chamber; talk to the Gym Leader to free him and then battle the Pokemon that appears (you cannot catch her, there is another way to get her).

Afterwards, you will be transported outside and the Gym Leader will invite you to challenge the Gym. After getting Gym Badge #5 and exiting Amatree, Theo will challenge you. Defeat him to get HM03 Surf. Use Surf to take the shortcut out of Amatree, otherwise you can head back through the cave until you reach the exit.

Gym #6 - Gym #7

Now that you have Surf, you can head east from the beach on Route 05. Progress through the route, battling the trainers that appear, until you make land on Maskara Island. Head through the island and Surf to the south until you reach Venesi City. There is a lot to do here, but in order to advance in the game you will need the badge from the Gym. When you get the badge, Bamb'o will call and tell you to find Theo on Maskara Island. Go to the island and battle Theo (you can rebattle him numerous times). Afterwards, enter the cave nearby.

In the Labyrinth, it is hard to see, so you might want a Pokemon that knows Flash (TM can be bought in Bealbeach Dept. Store), but it's not necessary. Keep turning right until you make it out of the cave and onto Route 15, then Surf up the long stretch of sea until you reach Silverport Town. There is another sidequest available here which is only doable if you have completed the sidequest in Rochfale. To start it, talk to the Owten then head towards the town exit to the east. After finishing the quest, head east to Route 16.

Head East through Route 16 on the southern path until you reach Snowbank Town. There you can challenge Gym #7. Talk to Theo to start the event; complete each trial until you reach the top. Once you reach the top, make sure to bring a Pokemon that can Mega Evolve. Battle the Gym Leader; afterwards, get the Mega Bracelet and then choose a Mega Evolving Pokemon or otherwise get a loaned Pokemon from the Gym Leader and then battle Theo. Press Z (or whatever button you have set to Run) to activate Mega Evolution in battle. Defeat (or lose to) Theo, then head to the exit of Snowbank town, where Theo and Professor Bamb'o are waiting. Talk to them and receive HM08 Dive.

That's the end of Beta 4.0! Dive can't be taught to any Pokemon yet, but once it can you will travel southeast of Venisi to Angelure Town and Gym #8.

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