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Welcome to Roleplaying! [PLEASE READ BEFORE MAKING A THREAD] Empty Welcome to Roleplaying! [PLEASE READ BEFORE MAKING A THREAD]

Post by sovest555 on 2015-06-06, 12:41

Hello! And welcome to the Roleplaying side of the forums!

In order for everyone to enjoy this section as much as possible, I will lay down a few ground rules. (Terms will be defined below the rules.)

  1. All forum rules must be observed by the players. Thus, be respectful Out-of-Character (OOC) just like you would anywhere else on the forum. However, it is also helpful to note that IC (In-Character) behavior does not necessarily reflect on the player. A player could be a sweetheart OOC and play the most vile character, and that does not make THEM a bad person. The opposite is also true. If you have a problem with a player, please resolve it privately or bring it up to me or the admins if they are breaking any rules OOC.

  2. Please use proper spelling and grammar. It makes everything easier for your fellow players and GMs.

  3. When creating a thread as a GM, please specify setting, character restrictions (preferably in the form of a clear application), and anything else relevant to player knowledge such as format, preferred reply length, basic storyline, ect. However, also note that all threads MUST be PG-13 at most, seeing as this is an all-ages forum. So, please no sensitive topics like extreme violence, smut, and such.

  4. Players, respect the GM of a thread and their decisions UNLESS they conflict with the forum rules. If you have a problem with a player and/or a GM, please contact me or another moderator so that we can resolve the issue.

  5. No Powerplaying/Godmodding. This is defined as taking control of another person’s character, making them act as you want them to, WITHOUT THE PLAYER’S PERMISSION.

  6. Respect post length, especially if explicitly specified by the GM. Do not reply to paragraph lengths with one or two lines in other words. When in doubt, try for at least 3-5 sentences. (In-quotes count, but ‘tags’ and exposition help as well.)

  7. Ultimately, if there are any questions or concerns regarding any RPs, please do not hesitate to PM me. I will try to answer any and all messages sent to me ASAP.

  8. Have fun! This is your chance to be creative in the world of Pokemon (or whatever world may suit your fancy!)

Anyways, some key terms to note are:

- OOC: Out of Character. Usually reserved for player-to-player communication.
- IC: In-Character. Basically anything responded to as the character rather than as the player.
- GM: Game Master. The person in charge of the thread, also known as DM (Dungeon Master) to Dungeons and Dragons players.

~ Sovest555

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