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No Method please help Empty No Method please help

Post by NinjaPup on 2015-05-20, 15:20

Hello a friend of mine encountered an error in the game where he goes to load up the game and this error pops up. He said all he did was load the game and a series of error messages popped up with this one being the last one.

Exception: NoMethodError
Message: undefined method `rawOnlineID' for "":String
** GTS_System:1564:in `nuzlocke_initialize'
** NUZLOCKE MODE:57:in `initialize'
** Scene_Intro*JV:45:in `new'
** Scene_Intro*JV:45:in `main'
Main*:35:in `mainFunction'
Main*:20:in `pbCriticalCode'
Main*:38:in `mainFunction'
Main*:41:in `loop'

Does anyone know how to fix it or at least know what it means.


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