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Post by Lucian Astaroth on 2015-05-01, 18:39

Base Stats: 135 HP/ 25 Atk/ 90 Def/ 105 SpA/ 65 SpD/ 95 Spe
Mega: 135 HP/ 25 Atk/ 125 Def/ 125 SpA/ 85 SpD/ 120 Speed

With a unique type combo and diverse movepool that likes to play around, there are a bunch of roles this Poké could play, but here follow 4 that I could think of, (I'm new to competitive so any criticism is appreciated Very Happy)

1. Sweeper
Dramsama @ Dramsamaite
Modest (+SpA/ -Atk) / Timid (+Spe/ -Atk)
252 Speed/ 252 SpA/ 4 HP

  • Calm Mind
  • Psychic/Psyshock
  • Shadow Ball/Dark Pulse
  • Focus Blast/U-Turn

This first one's a straight sweeper set, utilising the Mega's 120 Spe to outrun most things, and with 125 SpA you can afford to have a speed boosting nature instead. Calm Mind if you get the chance to boost, Psychic/Psyshock & Shadow Ball for STAB, (Psyshock's physical damage effect comes in handy against special walls like Winotinger) or Dark Pulse if you prefer flinch, (Both of them cover Ghost types). Focus Blast/U-Turn is for Dark types, either to one hit or switch out if you don't want to take the 70% accuracy risk.

2. Sleep Wall?
Dramsama @ Dramsamaite
Calm (+SpD/ -Atk) / Modest (+SpA/ -Atk)
252 HP/ 128 SpD/ 56 Def/ 72 SpA

  • Hypnosis
  • Dream Eater
  • Substitute/Calm Mind
  • Nightmare/Psychic/Shadow Ball/Focus Blast

So I saw it had Hypnosis and I couldn't resist this :3 Hypnosis and Dream Eater are pretty much compulsory, Substitute with base 135 HP is great, or Calm Mind if you'd prefer to spend the time they're asleep to buff up, (also you can put more EV's in Def from SpD if you wish as that gets a boost). The last slot can be Nightmare for extra damage and time, Psychic and Shadow Ball are powerful STABs, and Focus Blast if you feel like Darks such as Drilgan will be more used in the metagame?

3. Staller
Dramsama @ Dramsamaite/Leftovers
Timid (+Spe/ -Atk)/ Calm (+SpD/ -Atk)
252 HP/ 92 Def/ 160 Sp Def

  • Toxic
  • Protect/Substitute/Transform
  • Double Team/Recover
  • Psychic/Shadow Ball/Focus Blast

So with the 135 HP and access to Toxic, Protect & Double Team, Staller sort of comes naturally to Dramsama. Alternatively, you can use Substitute and Recover, as a 100+ HP substitute is nice, or a Transform if the right typed Pokémon comes along. Last slot is for STAB move or coverage, depending on your preference.

4. Physical Wall
Dramsama @ Dramsamaite
Bold (+Def/ -Atk)
252 Def/ 128 HP/ 72 SpD/ 56 SpA

  • Substitute/Transform
  • Recover/Dream Eater
  • Calm Mind/Hypnosis/Double Team
  • Psychic/Shadow Ball/Focus Blast

So the 125 Def at Mega & Psychic typing immediately brings physical walls into mind. Substitute retains the high Def stat and allow for, (hopefully) a couple of turns for Recover and then Calm Mind, (to boost the weaker SpD). Alternatively use Transform to be overpowered and awesome. Also could use hypnosis & dream eater for healing, or Double team for more obnoxiousness. Last slot is again either STAB or coverage, like most of these sets.

So yeah, idk if these are any good, but I really liked this Pokémon design and felt it had a lot of potential. Trick Room is also available to this 'Mon, but as the standard has 95 Base Speed and the Mega has 120 Base Speed, I felt it wouldn't work too well :L Since most of these sets suggest Substitute/Transform (as I feel they work nicely and I like Transform) it works with the Illusion ability that the normal and Mega of Dramsama share. Other useful moves that it could use would be Pain Split & Confuse Ray, (on Staller?) to mess with the opponent even more, although I felt that Pain Split would be slightly less useful because of the high HP Dramsama has.
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