Error after fish catching Fortog

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Error after fish catching Fortog Empty Error after fish catching Fortog

Post by Vee18 on 2015-04-24, 09:22

Okay in the game my plan was to catch a Fortog after I beat gym because you know you have too if you want the old rod which I did. But the problem is after I catch it after fishing it, it automatically gives me an error which worries me that it will do this every time I fish so I came here to post this error? Because I read the error and I read the notepad to come here and explain my issue and to post the error here. Is it okay?

Pokemon Uranium
Exception: NoMethodError

Message: undefined method `opacity' for nil:NilClass

** PokemonCustomMenu:162:in `pbCloseMenu'

** PokemonCustomMenu:161:in `each'

** PokemonCustomMenu:161:in `pbCloseMenu'

** PokemonCustomMenu:145:in `loop'

** PokemonCustomMenu:165:in `pbCloseMenu'

** PokemonCustomMenu:176:in `pbScene'

** PokemonCustomMenu:170:in `loop'

** PokemonCustomMenu:179:in `pbScene'

** PokemonCustomMenu:374:in `pbStartScreen'

** PokemonCustomMenu:383:in `pbNewMenu'

This exception was logged in

C:\Users\Marcos\Saved Games/Pokemon Uranium/errorlog.txt.

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Error after fish catching Fortog Empty Re: Error after fish catching Fortog

Post by Bocajian on 2015-04-24, 12:08

This is a known problem. Read what Twitch says in the linked thread.

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